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Winco 8KS2GC-3 Two Bearing 8000 Watt Generator

Winco 8KS2GC-3 Two Bearing 8000 Watt Generator

These industrial designed, rugged, two Bearing 8000 Watt Generators are the high quality you have come to expect from WINCO and have been tested at their factory to ensure their performance and reliability. They have double baked armatures, oversize diode and double sealed permanent bearings which all combine to ensure maximum performance and life. Units are designed to rotate either direction without changing the wiring, and are rated at unity power factor. Each requires approximately 2 HP input for each 1000 watt output from the generator. Features: -Industrial designed -Double sealed permanent bearings -Double baked armatures -Oversized diode -Designed to rotate either direction without changing wiring, and is rated at unity power factor -Tested at factory to ensure performance and reliability Specifications: -Running (rated) watts: 8000 watts -Operating speed: 3600 RPM -Voltage at 60hz: 120 / 240 volts -Receptacle 120V (NEMA 5-15R): 2-15 amp -Receptacle 240V (NEMA 6-15R): 2-15 amp -Receptacle 240V (NEMA L14-30R): 1-50 amp -Standard volt meter -Shaft Diameter: 1-1/4" -Warranty: 1 year -Dimensions: 19" H X 12" W X 17.75" D

Our Price: $1259.00

This generator made by Winco, can be purchased safely and securely through CSN Stores.  There is Free Shipping for this generator, and it Ships in 3 to 5 days. 

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