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Pramac 04302 ES5000 5000 Watt Portable Gas Generator

Pramac 04302 ES5000 5000 Watt Portable Gas Generator

The ES Class is designed for general professional use. It is ideal for heavy duty service on the jobsite or as temporary stand-by-power. It also has brushless heavy duty alternators with Total Harmonic Distortion less than 6%. This Pramac 5000 Watt Gas Generator has an alternator-mounted control panel, mounted long run 2.9 gallon fuel tanks, and heavy duty frames. The universal wheel kit is an excellent tool to aid in the transportation of generator sets. This wheel kit is compatible with ES Series 5000 Watt Gas Generators. It is very easy to use and features wheels and handles for efficient mobility for all of your transportation needs. Features: -Running time at 75%: 6.4 hours -Ideal for temporary stand-by-power -Professional, heavy duty usage -Circuit breaker protection -Oil-guard system -High quality, brushless heavy duty alternators with THD less than 6% -Alternator-mounted control panel -Frame-mounted long run 2.9 gallon fuel tanks, super heavy duty frames Specifications: -Maximum wattage: 5000 watts -Voltage: 120/240 volts -Frequency: 60 Hz -Engine: Honda GX270-9.0HP engine -Fuel type: gas -Aspiration: natural -Cooling system: air cooled -Starting system: recoil -Consumption at 75%: 0.45 (1.7) gal (l)/h -Tank capacity: 2.9 gallons -Running time at 75%: 6.4 hours -1 DPLX 125V-20A (5-20R) socket -1 TL 125/250V-20A (L14-20R) socket -Alternator: 1-120V Duplex, 1-120V/240V TL -Dimensions: 28.7" L x 19.7" W x 21.1" H Power Cord Features: -Compatible with 5000 watt Pramac generators -Plugs into 120/240 twist lock connection on generator -May be plugged into a transfer switch -May be plugged into an inlet box -Commercial grade to prevent voltage drops -Suitable for up to 5000 watts Inlet Box Features: -5000 watt capability -Paintable -Weatherproof -UL listed -Units with breaker are available when required by local inspectors Transfer Switch Features: -Most versatile manual transfer switch -Compatible with Pramac generators up to 5000 watts -Features 6 circuits -Expandable up to 16 circuits -Possible to reconfigure the circuit breakers as needed -Ideal for generators up to 5000 watts -Can be surface or flush mounted indoors -Able to accomodate hardwiring to a generator via power inlet on top -May be installed with a plug-in connection -Easy maintenance- designed with interchangable type circuit breakers for easy replacement or expansion in the field -Code-gauge metal cabinet has flat front cover and powder-coat finish that won't rust or chip -Dual watt-meters help balance and monitor generator loads -Copper bus-for better reliability -Handles both inductive and resistive loads -Equipped with a wiring harness that includes 24' of flexible conduit -Features branch circuit breakers and mechanically interlocked main breakers

Our Price: $988.95

This generator made by Pramac, can be purchased safely and securely through CSN Stores.  There is Free Shipping for this generator, and it Ships within 48 hours. 

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