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Air Flow Direction Panel that will improve the performance of your Case-IH Combine!

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Used Farm Equipment Discussion Board 
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Welcome to the Used Farm Message Board! 

Please feel free to post messages relating to farming and farm equipment.  While using this forum, please observe the following rules:

  • No Personal Attacks will be allowed!  Messages will be erased.
  • Please leave your email address when posting a message so that others who participate in this forum may contact you.
  • Please post constructive messages.  No spam will be tolerated!
  • If you have equipment to sell, please also post your ad on our Classified Ads.

  • If you disagree with something posted on the message forum, then you are welcome to post your own reply.  If something is offensive to you, please email us and we will remove it in our next website update.
  • We reserve the right to remove any message.  This is our website.

  • We hope you enjoy using our website.  Your participation in the message forum is welcomed by many and helps to make this website a great source for information for buyers and sellers of used farm equipment.

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